Thank God it’s Monday! NOT

mån 25 Jun -07

Klockan halv tio imorse spillde jag kaffe i en STOR rund fläck rakt på bröstet – resten av dagen går jag alltså runt och ser ut som att min högra tutte läcker latte. Classy.

Dessutom: det hände mig nåt konstigt och spännande igår kväll. Hahaha! Eller hände och hände, det hände på internet. Jag måste jobba massa nu så jag berättar ikväll.

Dessutom: nya favoritbloggen: *Festa mysa maila!* – askalas!

Dessutom: Kexet fick boy action i lördags! Heja! Grattis! Vågen!

Dessutom: beefen löst på bästa möjliga sätt, nu idel ljuva ord <3


3 Responses to “Thank God it’s Monday! NOT”

  1. kexet Says:

    ler fortfarande!

  2. Haha en tutte som sprutar latte. Eller vin. Tänk dig!

  3. kexet Says:

    now the days of smiling have ended and my business plan for ‘tears of joy’ can start. i’m sorry for using your blog for this but i feel like shit. why does this always happen to me? so, yeah, i had a little talk with the guy. we had such a nice time. went for breakfast with another dude, walked around town, then went to the beach cause he knows a guy that had to dj at some beach club. it was a great day. so he went out to take some pics of the beach and after like 10 minutes i go out to see where he is.. found him, we talked and i told him i liked him. fuck. ugh. ack. shit. basically, he went travelling to be away from girl stuff, he felt bad that he came on to me that night, he really likes me blabla but he cant, and he’s going away in 4 weeks and he doesnt want to fall into somthing blablabbla. all the stuff kexet knows.
    kexet just falls from 1 bad luck, into the other. im so fucking done with it. i cant do this anymore, i just want to cry and lie in my bed, and i hate the mosquitos.. seems like they’re the only ones that want me.
    i hate this so much.
    im done with crying, but i still have to.


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