Svaren strömmar in

fre 29 Jun -07

Det ena mer lockande än det andra…

Now , please i have intersting to know more about yourself , with me am a 34 years old blackman from ( The Bahamas ) but living here and working as well , am single and will be nice to meet a nice lady for friendship , then we’ll see form where it may leads us , one thing is that am very picky but that was long time ago , now nobody needs to be picky anymore , so now it’s your turns to let me hear from you , just take your time to discribe about yourself , height , hobbies , and soo forth , it will help me to make a picture about you , so thats all for now have a good day my dear INTERNT FRIEND for now , i hope to hear from you soon .

Regards ,

– Washington .


3 Responses to “Svaren strömmar in”

  1. Lost in Deutschland Says:

    MOahahahahaha ”one thing is that am very picky but that was long time ago ,now nobody needs to be picky anymore…” moahahahahaha

  2. Love Sex Money Says:

    Det där fick jag igår och svarade inte, idag kommer ett

    ”Hi there lady , i did replied to your mail yesterday i guess , but not hear from you whatever i hope you’re fine and doing well , so let me hear from you so we can be using the time to knowing eachother , am sending you this mail from here in amsterdam , i hope you also live nearby and even not difficult whatever the other person lives , have a good day my dear lady .”

  3. Lost in Deutschland Says:

    skum. Washington verkar inte förstå en hint iaf. fast måste säga att jag typ gillar det där ”have a good day my dear lady” fast det måste typ uttalas med posh engelsk accent med rullande r. Det var ju en rolig annons ju, har du inte fått några witty svar tillbaka? bara Mr Washington?


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