Ikväll ska jag träffa Jack

tis 17 Jul -07


nice to receive your message.

Well,I ended up here because I could not make so much money from making music in London,I was producing garage and RnB/soul for 10 years,and it is getting a bit stressful and aggressive over there,so I thought why not work in a ‘normal’ job somewhere nice and relaxed.However I have found it a bit of a challenge befriending Dutch people – maybe because I am not so strong at the language yet.
I used to work in advertising for a while myself. Which agency do you work for?
I was offered a project manager’s job in an agency recently – I am thinking it over as I have a secure marketing job at present.

I would love to expand my group of friends – especially to meet up at weekends in bars/clubs etc.

Do you enjoy it here?

If there is anything else you want to know,just ask – I am an honest,laid back guy,maybe a bit too nice sometimes.I am very loyal and kind to my friends.
I am 32 years old.

I hope to hear from you soon;maybe we can meet up for a drink some time (by the way I hardly drink alchohol,so sensible conversation is almost guaranteed.)

Take care,have a nice weekend,


Jamen verkar ju som en fullträff eller hur. Eller. Hur. Klockan nio på ett välbefolkat kafé i centrum. Pepparsprejen är med, fast jag glömde sätta i själva pepparn… Men jag kan göra en hit and run med testsprej så kanske han blir chockad nog att tappa mig ur sikte medan jag söker skydd & gömställe genom att kasta mig i närmaste buskage/kanal/kvarterskrog.

Om jag inte bloggar innan tolvslaget är jag raped and abused.

Sensible conversation is almost guaranteed.



One Response to “Ikväll ska jag träffa Jack”

  1. Lost in Deutschland Says:

    Go go go! Spännande, blir roligt att höra om er sensible conversation!


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